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4 hours

Get to know the capital of the Inca empire told through the hands of its craftsmen and artists. Participate in the creation of a unique piece learning the several traditional techniques of Cusqueño Art. Begin with the participatory Cusco Glazed Colonial Ceramic workshop, and then move to the painting and glass area. After a snack-break with the artists, head to the Dorado Colonial Cusqueño workshop. The result is the completion of a unique piece due to the diversity in technique, shapes and colour. End this experience in the gallery where participants can learn about the work of the artist Julio Gutiérrez and the Totemiq collective. The 2 pieces made in both workshops go through a drying treatment and are sent to the visitor's hotel in a span of 4 hours, carefully packed for their transfer.

What does the experience include?

Materials and snack.

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