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Aria Amazon

4 days / 3 nights

Touring the Amazon is an unforgettable experience, and doing it on a boat like the Aria
Amazon is an unbeatable experience. This fascinating luxury boat takes passengers
through the Amazon River on a journey of contact with nature, which will be present
along the way. Enjoy days of relaxation and adventure while being attended by a great
team of professionals.


Day 1 | Arrival to Iquitos. Welcome dinner on board.
Day 2 | Iquitos | Excursion to the Yacapana islands, fishing experience.
Day 3 | Iquitos | Ucayali river. Visit to the surroundings of the native community
Magdalena, dolphin watching experience.
Day 4 | Iquitos | Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, excursion to the native
Prado. Visit to the Amazon Wildlife Rescue Center. Departure.

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